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  • :: EDRC Element 9: Life Cycle Data Management and Information Integrations (full report)

    Last updated: 03 dec 2020 :: 2M

  • :: Video recording of the demo

    Last updated: 03 dec 2020

  • :: Video of Aucotec software and adapter working with data

    Last updated: 03 dec 2020

  • :: Aucotec Engineering Base

    Last updated: 03 dec 2020

    The EPC contractor's side (RFQ preparation and RFQ reply import) requires Aucotec Engineering Base software. If you are an Engineering Base user – please contact us to get a sample ISO 15926 adapter for the software.

  • :: EDRC Project Demo Data and Manual

    Last updated: 03 dec 2020 :: 0.3M

    The step-by-step guide published here allows to reproduce the part of the demo run on the Manufacturer's side.

  • :: Sample Mapping and Adapter Prototyping Walk-through Guide

    Last updated: 18 jul 2014 :: 0.9M

    - Pattern-based data mapping for process diagram
    - Importing sample data from process engineering tool
    - Exporting simplified topology diagram
    - Viewing Linked Data pages for the project

  • :: Download .15926 Editor version 1.5beta release 3, .rar archive, 25M

    Last updated: 24 sep 2014 :: 24M

  • :: Sample spreadsheets and .15926 project for mapping tutorial

    Last updated: 07 mar 2014 :: 0.0M

    This archive contains sample data used in the spreadsheet to RDF pattern mapping video tutorial available at http://youtu.be/rNQrZSulIQM .

  • :: Video tutorials on our YouTube channel

    Last updated: 01 mar 2014

  • :: Archived version installation instructions

    Last updated: 28 feb 2014 :: 1K

    Released version works in MS Windows (XP, Vista, 7) only, no other OS versions available.

    Download .rar archive. No installation is required; just extract archive contents into a folder on your hard drive.

    Avoid putting the pro...

  • :: Volume 4. Patterns and Mapping

    Last updated: 23 feb 2014 :: 0.3M

    12. Patterns
    13. Spreadsheet mapper

  • :: Volume 3. Extensions

    Last updated: 23 feb 2014 :: 0.4M

    10. Extensions
    11. Built-in extensions
    Appendix A. Catalog Export Specification and Mapping

  • :: Volume 2. APIs of Scanner and Builder

    Last updated: 23 feb 2014 :: 0.6M

    8. SearchLan.15926
    9. Builder.15926

  • :: Volume 1. Getting Started

    Last updated: 23 feb 2014 :: 1M

    1. Introduction
    2. Installing and running the program
    3. Glossary
    4. User interface
    5. Data editing
    6. Data verification
    7. Walkthrough guides

  • :: MS Windows installer instructions

    Last updated: 25 feb 2014 :: 1K

    Released version works in MS Windows (XP, Vista, 7) only, no other OS versions available.

    Download the installer to your hard drive and run it.

    Installer will ask you to specify installation folder, Start Menu folder, and confi...

  • :: Download .15926 Editor version 1.43, MS Windows installer, 20M

    Last updated: 26 feb 2014 :: 21M

  • :: TechInvestLab.ru Meta-Data Declarations

    Last updated: 20 oct 2012 :: 0.2K

    Meta-data declarations for data models developed by TechInvestLab.ru.

  • :: TechInvestLab.ru Reference Data Library

    Last updated: 03 dec 2020 :: 4K

    Sandbox RDL for data models developed by TechInvestLab.ru.

    This is a static page for all dereferenceable URIs of reference data items.

  • :: .15926 Platform Compliance Report prepared to the guidelines provided by JORD ISO 15926 Compliance Specification

    Last updated: 01 oct 2012 :: 0.2M

    Preparation and distribution of this compliance report is sole responsibility of TechInvestLab.ru. Report reflects our own understanding and interpretation of JORD Compliance Specification. It was in no way reviewed, endorsed or approved by POSC Caesar Association in its capacity as JORD operating entity or by any other entity or person empowered by it. Methods by which compliance was tested were determined by TechInvestLab.ru and were not in any way suggested or approved in JORD project.

  • :: Automated Ontology Modelling of an Engineering Document

    Last updated: 26 aug 2012 :: 0.1K

    We are starting a research program into an automation of formal modelling. The first project is developed together with ABBYY - the leading linguistic company. The project studies possibilities to build a Gellish-like formal model of a natural language technical document, for further transformation into an ISO 15926 compliant data model with TabLan.15926 engine. This presentation shows preliminary comparisons between syntactic and semantic structures parsed by ABBYY Compreno and manually prepared formal text models.

  • :: Semantic Search on dot15926 Platform (presentation from Semantic Days 2012)

    Last updated: 05 jul 2012 :: 1K

    SearchLan.15926 presented at Semantic Days 2012, Stavanger, Norway and scheduled for public release in July 2012.
    Презентация семантического поиска платформы .15926 на конференции Semantic Days 2012, Ставангер, Норвегия (выпуск версии ожидается в июле 2012).

  • :: TabLan.15926 - the Methodology of a Technical Document Semantic Modeling

    Last updated: 10 sep 2013 :: 0.9M

    TabLan.15926 (or simply TabLan) is a table language for a formal data model creation from a natural language technical document. This publication contains document modeling methodology, data mapping specification for TabLan table transformation into the ISO 15926 – compliant data model in RDF/OWL, and some samples.

    TabLan table transformation is done by .15926 Editor software available at http://techinvestlab.ru/dot15926Editor .

    Описание и методика применение табличного языка TabLan, разработанного для моделирования технических документов, написанных на естественном языке.

  • :: Море resources in Russian

    Last updated: 07 feb 2012

    Дополнительные материалы по стандарту на русской странице

  • :: POSC Caesar Association

    Last updated: 06 feb 2012

    POSC Caesar Association (PCA) is a non-profit global-standardization member organization that shall promote the development of open specifications to be used as standards for enabling the interoperability of data, software and related matters.

    PCA initiated ISO 15926 “Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities" and is committed to its maintenance and enhancement.

  • :: How to set up your local RDL Sandbox with SPARQL endpoint

    Last updated: 06 feb 2012 :: 0.3M

    .15926 Editor produces datasets ready for upload to a triple-store exposing ISO 15926 compliant data on a SPARQL endpoint. Download here a simple how-to manual on triple-store and SPARQL endpoint software installation and administration. This is a proof-of-concept demonstration only and can not be viewed as a guide to build an industrial-grade IT solution!

    Простое руководство по установке и настройке свободного программного обеспечения для тестирования собственной библиотеки справочных данных с интерфейсом SPARQL.

  • :: dot15926 Project Presentation (June 2011)

    Last updated: 12 may 2012 :: 0.6M

  • :: Download .15926 Editor version 1.43, .rar archive , 22M

    Last updated: 26 feb 2014 :: 21M

  • :: ISO 15926 Reference Data Engineering. Method Description

    Last updated: 06 feb 2012 :: 0.2M

    Informal description of reference data engineering methodology for beginners. Nevertheless the text assumes at least superficial knowledge of the parts 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8 of ISO 15926, and knowledge of system engineering basic terminology (ISO 15288). Version 3.0 is a reworked translation of Russian document published at this page.

  • :: Mission

    Last updated: 14 mar 2020 :: 0.7K

    Organization for Organizers

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