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MS Windows installer instructions
Last updated: 25 feb 2014 :: 1K

Released version works in MS Windows (XP, Vista, 7) only, no other OS versions available.

Download the installer to your hard drive and run it.

Installer will ask you to specify installation folder, Start Menu folder, and confirm creation of desktop icon and Quick Launch icon. The installer will also ask you to specify folder for documentation and sample data files.

If you are updating from a previous version and have changed sample data files, pattern definitions or built-in extensions – please change folders or backup the files as installer may overwrite them! Update will preserve configuration of project data sources and console input and output history, and your own extensions.

Avoid putting the program or data on virtual drives, external flash drives or network drives, as system may have restrictions to access them. Always test program's ability to access folders you have selected for your data.

To run the Editor please run dot15926.exe from installation folder or use icons created.

The Editor can be uninstalled through Start Menu folder, by running unins000.exe from installation folder or through system's uninstall. Uninstall preserves your own files in the Editor's folder but will erase all built-in extensions and configuration files, whether changed or not. Please backup them before uninstall, if required.

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