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Semantic Search on dot15926 Platform (presentation from Semantic Days 2012)

SearchLan.15926 presented at Semantic Days 2012, Stavanger, Norway and scheduled for public release in July 2012.
Презентация семантического поиска платформы .15926 на конференции Semantic Days 2012, Ставангер, Норвегия (выпуск версии ожидается в июле 2012).

Last updated: 05 jul 2012 :: 1K

The goal of .15926 project is to allow business user to perform advanced tasks with data using only engineering discipline-specific or geometry-specific terms, patterns and metaphors. Currently ISO 15926 is supported with possible extensions to STEP or discipline level standards. To this goal we’ve created a platform for ISO 15926 ontology programming - a set of tools to build and deploy domain-specific languages (DSLs) for easy viewing, navigation, search, editing and mapping of ISO 15926 compliant data.

Specific instruments are required to build higher abstraction language layers and define domain-specific constructs, rising above an “assembler” level of table/RDF/OWL representations of ISO 15926 data. We use Python programming language with special libraries and syntax tricks to build DSLs. By using general-purpose programming language for DSL construction it is possible to solve the problem of code reuse, be it for a user interfaces or for a specific ISO 15926 editing, search or mapping tasks.

One DSL, semantic search language of dot15926 Scanner, was created, implemented and optimized for work with various triple representations of ISO 15926 type and template instances stored both in files or at SPARQL endpoints. During the talk we shall show how the search language helps in the following tasks - data verification, pattern matching for the "raising" of templates, and construction of a high level object information models (OIMs) for user viewing.

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