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.15926 Editor is a universal editor for ISO 15926 data. Compiled versions can be downloaded from this page. The source code is open under the GNU Lesser General Public License and can be accessed at https://github.com/TechInvestLab/dot15926 . This freeware application is provided by TechInvestLab.ru “as is” without any warranties or obligations.

.15926 Editor is designed with three major goals:
- explore existing sources of reference data in as many formats as possible;
- verify reference data;
- engineer new reference data, including automated reference data creation through mapping from external sources.

This software application is built on the .15926 Platform to demonstrate Platform's capabilities. .15926 Platform is a name for an architecture and a set of specific interfaces and libraries developed to facilitate creation of semantic applications to work with ISO 15926 data – read, visualize, explore, search, reason, map, write, exchange, etc.

The Editor is intended to become for ISO 15926 data what Protégé became for OWL data – a primary tool for data exploration.

Программа для просмотра и редактирования данных, соответствующих стандарту ISO 15926.

Last updated: 24 sep 2014 :: 11 Materials

New in version 1.5beta:

1. Visual pattern editor with search capabilities; new open JSON format for pattern libraries.

2. Patterns are managed in the project as a new type of data source; pattern model extended.

3. New Linked Data open-source extension packaged with web engine; start your own Linked Data server, delivering pattern-based representation of project and reference data (including PCA RDL) with semantic search.

4. Major mapping and adapter prototyping demo for a plant process flow diagram - sample data with walk-through guide included with the documentation.

5. Import of patterns from IIP TIPManger database, generic patterns reconstruction for TIPs.

6. Pattern-based export to spreadsheet - easily managed reporting for RDF data.

7. Pattern-based adapters supported for external databases and services; look at sample adapters to Google Map and other APIs.

8. Turtle format fully supported, you can save .ttl files now.

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