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Levenchuk Anatoly
Last updated: 07 sep 2003 :: 7K
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Подробно о пользователе


Levenchuk AnatolyAnatoly Levenchuk

E-mail: [email protected]

Short bio and recent publications
updated january 2000.

Born in 1958 in Rostov-on-Don ( a city of 1 million in the southern Russia). Graduated from Chemistry Faculty of Rostov State Univesity. After graduation worked in Research Computer Centre of RSU, and later bacame head ofa group of programmers at Rostov Medical College. In 1987 founded and headed Rostov City Computer Science Club -- one of the first enterpises of free market economy in City. During this period developed 13 lecture courses for Rostov's programmers.

Since 1989 moved to Moscow where became management consultant to private and state companies as well as government agencies. In 1989--1990 became one of the founders and a President of "InfoMir " enterprise -- a company, working jointly with Mecanical and mathematical school of Moscow State University on developemnt of software environment for computer-aided education in computer sciences.

Since 1990 up to 1999 was actively involved in developing of Russian securities market and it's infrastructure. Founder and President of Association of Securities Market Partisipant (ASMP, 1990--1991) -- an association of market participants involved in building of Russian securities market durting the last years of Soviet Union existence. Since 1991 have internet e-mail ailev amp;at;asmp.msk.su that is legacy from that association's time. Shortly before the August 1991 Coup founded Institute for Commertial Engineering, and served as president of the institute until September 1996. Since October 1996 up to August 1999 acted as project manager for International Institute for Law-Based Economy Foundation. In this capacity was providing councel to Federal Securities and Exchanges Commision of Russia on market development. In August 1999 founded internet incubator TechInvestLab.com and serves as it's president. Since March 2000 serve as a president for one of incubator's projects -- Communiware.net .

At different stages of carrier acted as manager of following projects:

  • consulting to Russian Exchange (RTSB) and Congress of Exchanges management on corporate governance. (1990--1993);
  • first in Russia nondocumentary initial public offerings (RINACO, television company VKT, RELCOM ISP etc. -- 1990--1991.);
  • first in Russia official quotation (RINACO stocks at Firsoff dealer company -- 1992);
  • first in Russia securities registrar service (RINACO Depository, April 1992);
  • founding of and consulting for RINACO PLUS securities broker/dealer company that became one of biggest 5 investment houses in Russia in 1995--1998 (1992--1993);
  • securities registrar/depository solution (software and documentflow) DepoMir-2 (1992--1996., which is still providing services to more than 120 organisations in Russia);
  • founding of independent securities registrars NFAO (Nakhodka, 1992), DonFAO (Rostov-on-Don, 1993), NizhnevartovskASUneft (Nizhnevartovsk, 1994);
  • conveyor privatisation of 7 biggest enterprises in Nakhodka (August-October 1992, before adoption of voucher privatisation program in Russia)
  • first moderated USENET group in exUSSR in RELCOM network (group relcom.infomarket.*, beginning of 1991);
  • first in Russia commercial website providing information about securities market; launching about 20 websites of investment companies, organised markets, securities infrastructure institutes, information agencies, regulator bodies -- including websites of Russian Federal Securities Exchange Commission (February 1996); Federal Securities Corporation (1996), Federal State Foundation for defense of Investor's and Shareholder's Rights (May 1996), Professional Association of Registrars, Transfer Agencies and Depositaries; RINACO PLUS (November 1994) Russian Exchange (RTSB, decembre 1994), Lenstroymaterialy (winter 1995), Finmarket (1995), Skate-Press (1995), AK&M and several other companies;
  • ("InfoMarket", November 1994--December 1997);
  • organizing and moderating of biannual 11 Workshops of securities Registrars and Depositories in Yunost and Senezh locations, 1992-1998); moderation of many other workshops and seminars;
  • consulting for free economic zone of Nakhodka -- public relations issues (1993.);
  • information disclosure in Russian securities market (REDGAR project in cooperation with Ministry of finance of Russia, Central Bank of Russia and Russian Federal Securities and Exchange Comission, 1994--1998);
  • website Depositarium on securities depository development (1995.);
  • public relations campaign for Central Bank of Russia (May--June 1995);
  • startup of new products of RELCOM ISP (InfoLine, InfoChannel -- winter 1996);
  • information system for Investor's Protection Program (Repository of Information about compensations, 1996--1997);
  • chief advisor of Omskenergo reorganization (pilot project of RAO UES Russia devoted to structure reorganizations of Russia United Energy System -- september 1999 -- february 2000);
  • launching of Communiware.net project: solutions for community-oriented websites (autemn 1998 -- present time);
  • founding of Internet incubator TechInvestlab.com that continued activities of Institute for Commercial Engineering, including Moscow Libertarium and Communiware.net project;
  • columnist of Computerra -- biggest computer weekly in Russia (spring 1998 -- present time).

Many of abovementioned projects lead to launching of currently functioning organizations and products.

Anatoly Levenchuk also is involved in development of theoretic aspects of Russian securities market development and its infrastructure. He has authored many articles devoted to market regulation. He was repeatedly invited to comment on the issues of market regulation. In particular he has co-authored "Liberal concept of securities market development" (1992), and participated in working groups on development of a number of laws and regulations, such as: Law "On securities market" (1994--1995), "Concept of securities market development" (1996), "Provision on system of information disclosure on Russian securities market (1996), "Report on conceptual approach on place and role of depository activity on modern securities market"(1997).

Mr. Levenchuk served as board member of JSC "RINAKO" (1992-1994), of JSC "RINAKO PLUS" (1994--1996), "RINAKO DEPOSIRORY", (1993--1995), POST-BANK (1993--1998), JSC VKT TV-COMPANY (1993--1994), JSC "RELCOM" (1992--1998).

Mr. Levenchuk regularly comments in print media, radio and TV on Russian securities market development, economy and information technology. He was listed among 29 gods and fathers of Russian internet by INTERNET magazine (1998), and featured among the 50 "Best people of Russian netquot; -- 98 in pages "all columnists". He is a real memebr of three Russian Internet academies.

Currently (June 2000) resides in Moscow.

Current involvements (phone +7(916)673-4900):

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