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Demo for the EDRC Use Case 2 (manufacturer's side)

Download the archive and see EDRC_UC2_Manufacturer_Demo.pdf file for instructions.

The "Capturing Equipment Data Requirements Using ISO 15926 and Assessing Conformance" (EDRC) project is run by FIATECH. See more information about the EDRC project at http://www.fiatech.org/images/stories/projects/Project_Resumes/EDRC_Resume_v8_Sept_13_2013.pdf . You can download EDRC deliverables from the page http://fiatech.org/projects/project-deliverables (look for EDRC in Information Management section).

This demo was presented to the 2014 FIATECH Member Meeting in September 2014. Video recording of the demo is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2d4rH9g5Go .

The step-by-step guide published here allows to reproduce the part of the demo run on the Manufacturer's side. The EPC contractor's side (RFQ preparation and RFQ reply import) requires Aucotec Engineering Base software https://www.aucotec.com/en/solutions/platform-engineering-base.html. You can see Aucotec part of the demo at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAloOS4wJY4 . If you are an Engineering Base user – please contact us to get a sample ISO 15926 adapter for the software.

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